How to prepare the soil before seeding a lawn

How to prepare the soil before seeding a lawn

Sowing a lawn is not very difficult. Preparing the soil beforehand, however, is a more or less arduous task. However, it is the careful execution of this task that will ensure you the lawn of your dreams. And to have the lawn you have been dreaming of, you must make sure to prepare the soil well, to prevent weeds from growing and to use moowy lawn products. It is important to know that the best times to seed a lawn are in the fall and spring. This article details the 5-step process of preparing soil for a lawn: weeding, fertilizing, tilling, leveling and compacting the soil.

Weeding the soil

It is essential to weed the soil before plowing, if the soil is heavily invaded by weeds. To do this, it is advisable to start by mowing with a brush cutter if the weeds are very invasive. Then, you can proceed either to a weeding with a systemic weed killer for a large surface if the ground is too invaded by weeds, or to a manual weeding for a small surface if the ground is not too invaded by weeds.

Fertilizing the soil

When a lawn is initially planted on a favorable soil, its maintenance is greatly facilitated afterwards. To promote growth and resistance to excessive moisture and drought, potash (K) and phosphoric acid (P) fertilizers should be applied at the manufacturer’s recommended rates prior to tilling.

Soil plowing

The purpose of tilling the soil is to make it homogeneous, to aerate it and to bury weeds and fertilizers. In order to allow the soil to stabilize, plowing should preferably be done several weeks and at least 12 days before planting. And if you’re considering a built-in watering system for your lawn, it’s a good idea to take care of it at this stage, to avoid having to undo the lawn later.

Leveling the soil

After tilling, remove bumps and dips by leveling the soil with a rake or garden hook. If necessary, use a shovel to smooth out large clumps or fill in larger holes. And during this step, take the opportunity to carefully remove stumps and stones that could later interfere with or damage the mower. This operation should be done about 6 days before seeding, in dry weather.

Compacting the soil

Roll the soil and give it a final rake. In dry weather, compact the soil evenly by rolling or walking on it. To know that the soil has been well compacted, walking on it should barely leave a footprint. Finish your work by raking the soil.

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